As A Result of BSE…

notepad The Board of Secondary Education is one of the gargantuan support organizations which have made the dissemination of secondary education possible in a large and diverse country like India. This board can be compared to an octopus wherein the main authority is the head of the creature and its various departments are akin to the eight arms which extend in different directions and help the organism to meet its basic survival as well as functional needs.

As its name suggests, the main function of this body is the organization and provision of secondary education in the country and thus design rules and regulations which help in the successful accomplishment of this objective. Secondary education could be described as a bridge connecting primary education with higher level education and therefore is meant for children between 14 to 18 years as a form of preparation to enable them to gain entry into the world of practical skills and employment.

Courtesy of the Board of Secondary Education, the following educational structure has been implemented in all the affiliated schools so as to ensure uniformity of method as well as conformity to the specified standards:

Over the years the Board of Secondary Education has made a paradigm shift towards child centric teaching methods and has ensured through its various programs that education of students does not suffer at any cost. Thanks to these efforts, there are thousands of students who have benefitted from this system of education and some of the new introductions in a bid towards modernization are: